We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We've organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by the Open Philanthropy Project also appear in its grants database here.

Download database as .CSV
Grant Organization Topic Date of Award Amount
GiveWell — Top Charity “Participation” Grants GiveWell Global Health & Development 05/2014 $500,000
SPUR — General Support SPUR Housing Affordability 05/2014 $100,000
Startup:Education — School Reform in Newark Startup:Education Education 04/2014 $5,000,000
GiveWell — General Support GiveWell Global Health & Development 03/2014 $240,000
Evidence Action — Planning for Future Programs Evidence Action Global Health & Development 03/2014 $250,000
Brookings Institution — Research on Marijuana Policy Change Brookings Institution Drug Policy Reform 03/2014 $212,500
Center for Global Development — Labor Mobility Research Center for Global Development Immigration Policy 03/2014 $1,184,720
Service Delivery Indicators Project International Development Association Global Health & Development 03/2014 $500,000
Freedom to Marry — General Support Freedom to Marry Marriage Equality 03/2014 $250,000
New Incentives — General Support New Incentives Global Health & Development 01/2014 $100,000
GiveDirectly — General Support GiveDirectly Global Health & Development 01/2014 $7,000,000
BetaGov Pepperdine University Criminal Justice Reform 12/2013 $200,000
Research on crime, incarceration and cannabis regulation Washington Office on Latin America Criminal Justice Reform 12/2013 $245,000
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative — General Support Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Global Health & Development 12/2013 $750,000
Deworm the World Initiative — General Support Evidence Action Global Health & Development 12/2013 $1,500,000
GiveWell — Research-Related Expenses GiveWell Effective Altruism 11/2013 $675,000
Drug Policy Alliance — General Support Drug Policy Alliance Drug Policy Reform 09/2013 $150,000
Center for Global Development — General Support Center for Global Development Global Health & Development 07/2013 $300,000
Research into the History of Philanthropy and Policy Advocacy GiveWell History of Philanthropy 06/2013 $20,000
Update to Millions Saved Project Center for Global Development History of Philanthropy 06/2013 $50,000