Open Philanthropy Project Grants

This database shows the grants we’ve made as part of the Open Philanthropy Project. To view all of Good Ventures' past grants, click here

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Grant Organization Topic Date of Award Amount
International Refugee Assistance Project — General Support (2019) International Refugee Assistance Project Immigration Policy 01/2019 $1,000,000
Royal Veterinary College — Halal Poultry Slaughter Research Royal Veterinary College Farm Animal Welfare 01/2019 $130,850
The Humane League — Broiler Welfare Campaigns The Humane League Farm Animal Welfare 01/2019 $750,000
Princeton University — Translation of Books on Animal Ethics Princeton University Farm Animal Welfare 01/2019 $170,000
Farm Forward — Exit Grant Farm Forward, Inc Farm Animal Welfare 01/2019 $166,000
UC Berkeley — Alternative Meats Lab UC Berkeley Farm Animal Welfare 01/2019 $131,579
Center for Global Development — Gene Drive Research Center for Global Development Scientific Research 01/2019 $333,550
Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative — CHAI ML Engineers Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative Potential Risks from Advanced AI 01/2019 $250,000
University of Southern California — Genomic Research Methods Social Science Genetic Association Consortium Scientific Research 01/2019 $2,250,000
Compassion Over Killing — Exit Grant Compassion Over Killing Farm Animal Welfare 01/2019 $250,000
Center for International Security and Cooperation — Biosecurity Research (2019) Center for International Security and Cooperation Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 01/2019 $1,625,000
Sherlock Biosciences — Research on Viral Diagnostics Sherlock Biosciences Scientific Research 01/2019 $17,500,000
Promise of Justice Initiative — Prison Reform Coalition Promise of Justice Initiative Criminal Justice Reform 12/2018 $75,000
Georgia Tech — Biology Research (Saad Bhamla) Georgia Institute of Technology Transformative Basic Science 12/2018 $50,000
Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research — Egg Tech Challenge Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Farm Animal Welfare 12/2018 $3,000,000
The University of Sydney — 2019 Global Health Security Conference University of Sydney Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 12/2018 $32,621
National Council — General Support (December 2018) National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls Criminal Justice Reform 12/2018 $350,000
Citizens for Juvenile Justice — General Support (2018) Citizens for Juvenile Justice Criminal Justice Reform 12/2018 $45,000
University of Minnesota — Nanomaterials Research (Claudia Schmidt-Dannert) The University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Transformative Basic Science 12/2018 $150,000
Court Watch NOLA — General Support Court Watch NOLA Criminal Justice Reform 11/2018 $200,000