Open Philanthropy Project Grants

This database shows the grants we’ve made as part of the Open Philanthropy Project. To view all of Good Ventures' past grants, click here

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Grant Organization Topic Date of Award Amount
Center for Story-Based Strategy — General Support Center for Story-Based Strategy Criminal Justice Reform 05/2019 $100,000
Open Phil AI Fellowship — 2019 Class Open Phil AI Fellowship Potential Risks from Advanced AI 05/2019 $2,325,000
Altruistic Technology Labs — Work on Biological Risk Prevention Altruistic Technology Labs Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 05/2019 $440,525
The Greenfield Project — General Support (2019) The Greenfield Project Farm Animal Welfare 05/2019 $250,000
Engineers without Borders USA — Off-Grid Refrigeration Challenge Engineers Without Borders USA Scientific Research 05/2019 $500,000
Anima — Movement Building Anima Farm Animal Welfare 04/2019 $367,222
UCLA — Epigenetic Clock Research (Steve Horvath) University of California, Los Angeles Scientific Research 04/2019 $2,368,300
Life Sciences Research Foundation — Young Investigators (2019) Life Sciences Research Foundation Scientific Research 04/2019 $1,170,000
FAI Farms — Tilapia Welfare FAI Farms Farm Animal Welfare 04/2019 $426,000
World Animal Protection — Broiler Chicken Welfare (April 2019) World Animal Protection Farm Animal Welfare 04/2019 $781,498
Rita Allen Foundation — Fellowship Support Rita Allen Foundation Scientific Research 04/2019 $495,000
Research Institute of Industrial Economics — Genomic Research (2019) Research Institute of Industrial Economics Scientific Research 04/2019 $1,500,000
Employ America — General Support Employ America Macroeconomic Policy 04/2019 $150,000
Kyoto University — Research on Reproductive Biology (Mitinori Saitou) Kyoto University Scientific Research 04/2019 $4,000,000
Ayni Institute —  Criminal Justice Reform Coaching Ayni Institute Criminal Justice Reform 03/2019 $264,000
Compassion in World Farming — Farm Animal Welfare Advocacy (2019) Compassion in World Farming Farm Animal Welfare 03/2019 $1,891,890
Just Outcomes — Restorative Justice Convenings Just Outcomes Criminal Justice Reform 03/2019 $30,000
MIT Media Lab — Kevin Esvelt’s Research Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab Global Catastrophic Risks 03/2019 $1,000,000
New York University — Work on Fish Welfare New York University Farm Animal Welfare 03/2019 $125,840
University of Michigan - Research on Mammalian Gamete Development University of Michigan Scientific Research 03/2019 $2,500,000