Our Criminal Justice Reform Program Is Now an Independent Organization: Just Impact

In this post, “we” refers to Good Ventures and Open Philanthropy, who work as partners.

Today, we’re making three announcements:

  1. After hundreds of grants totaling more than $130 million over six years, one of our first programs – criminal justice reform (CJR) – is becoming an independent organization.
  2. The team that had been leading our CJR program, Chloe Cockburn and Jesse Rothman, is transitioning to Just Impact, which describes itself as “a criminal justice reform advisory group and fund that is focused on building the power and influence of highly strategic, directly-impacted leaders and their allies to create transformative change from the ground up”.
  3. We are helping to launch Just Impact with approximately $50 million in seed funding spread over 3.5 years.

We’ve had internal discussions around the possibility of a different structure for more than a year, and have spent the past few years continuing to search for new potential causes that might yield cost-effective giving opportunities. That has led to some important updates:

Additionally, we think there are other advantages to a spinout:

We’re grateful for and proud of all the work Chloe and Jesse have done, and we believe criminal justice reform remains an important, valuable, and broadly underfunded cause. For donors interested in criminal justice reform in the United States, we think that the Just Impact team is a strong bet, and we hope Just Impact’s strong work will spark substantial commitments from other donors. We’re excited to see what Just Impact will be able to achieve in the coming years!