Open Philanthropy’s New Co-CEO

In this post, “we” refers to Good Ventures and Open Philanthropy, who work as partners.

We’re excited to announce that Open Philanthropy co-founder Alexander Berger has been promoted to co-CEO!

For some time now, Alexander has been the primary leader for most of our work on causes focused on maximizing verifiable impact within our lifetimes, while I have increasingly focused on causes directly aimed at affecting the very long-run future. I felt that Alexander should be promoted to recognize this reality and formalize the division of labor at Open Philanthropy. I am confident that he is an excellent fit for this role.

We are now using the term “Global Health and Wellbeing” rather than “near-termist” or “near-termism” to describe Alexander’s portfolio both because we felt “Global Health and Wellbeing” points at the sorts of outcomes this work is proximately trying to maximize, and because we felt “near-termism” gave the inaccurate impression that this work doesn’t value future generations. Instead, we’d summarize the key differences as follows:

We now have a dual-CEO structure, with both of us reporting directly to the board. Our responsibilities and reporting lines are organized according to the “longtermism” - “Global Health and Wellbeing” distinction. This means that:

Congratulations, Alexander!