We’re committed to sharing what we learn, with detail and honesty, as we give.

We envision a world in which philanthropists increasingly document and share their research, reasoning, results, and mistakes to help each other learn more quickly and serve others more effectively.

In this space, we often cross-post items from the blog of our partner, Open Philanthropy, to give readers a fuller picture of the reasoning behind our work.

  1. 02/22/2022 Blog: Give & Learn

    New grantmaking program: supporting the effective altruism community around Global Health and Wellbeing

    We are searching for a program officer to help us launch a new grantmaking program. The program would support projects and organizations in the effective altruism community (EA) with a focus on improving global health and wellbeing (GHW). Background We have an existing program in effective altruism community growth. Like our new… Read More

    Topics: Effective Altruism, Global Health & Development
  2. 02/11/2022 Blog: Give & Learn

    Open Philanthropy’s Regranting Challenge

    In this post, “we” refers to Good Ventures and Open Philanthropy, who work as partners. Open Philanthropy is running a $150 million Regranting Challenge, aiming to add funding to the grantmaking budgets of one to five outstanding programs at other foundations. We believe there are some excellent individual programs and whole foundations out… Read More

    Topics: Economic Empowerment, Global Health & Development