We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We've organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by Open Philanthropy also appear in its grants database here.

Download database as .CSV
Grant Organization Topic Date of Award Amount
Living Goods — General Support Living Goods Global Health & Development 12/2014 $250,000
Against Malaria Foundation — General Support Against Malaria Foundation Global Health & Development 12/2014 $5,000,000
Development Media International — General Support (December 2014) Development Media International Global Health & Development 12/2014 $250,000
Iodine Global Network — General Support Iodine Global Network Global Health & Development 12/2014 $250,000
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition — Universal Salt Iodization Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition Global Health & Development 12/2014 $250,000
Deworm the World Initiative — General Support Evidence Action Global Health & Development 12/2014 $250,000
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative — General Support Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Global Health & Development 12/2014 $3,000,000
Drug Policy Alliance — General Support Drug Policy Alliance Drug Policy Reform 09/2014 $150,000
IDinsight — Scaling Up a High-Potential Development Intervention IDinsight Global Health & Development 09/2014 $34,382
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities — Full Employment Project Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Macroeconomic Policy 09/2014 $335,000
WaitList Zero — Planning Grant WaitList Zero Organ Transplantation 09/2014 $50,000
Center for Popular Democracy — Federal Reserve Campaign Center for Popular Democracy Macroeconomic Policy 08/2014 $100,000
Rockefeller Archive Center — Workshop on the History of Philanthropy Rockefeller Archive Center History of Philanthropy 08/2014 $25,000
Stanford PACS — General Support Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society Meta-Philanthropy 08/2014 $20,000
RAND Corporation — Research for Vermont RAND Corporation Criminal Justice Reform 08/2014 $103,000
USAIM — Seasonal Migration from Haiti U.S. Association for International Migration Immigration Policy 07/2014 $1,490,505
ImmigrationWorks Foundation — General Support ImmigrationWorks Foundation Immigration Policy 07/2014 $285,000
Alliance for Open Society International — Albanian Renaissance Alliance for Open Society International Global Health & Development 07/2014 $500,000
Pew Public Safety Performance Project Pew Charitable Trusts Criminal Justice Reform 07/2014 $3,000,000
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation — General Support Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation Housing Affordability 06/2014 $100,000