We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We've organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by the Open Philanthropy Project also appear in its grants database here.

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Grant Organization Topic Date of Award Amount
Animal Outlook — Factory Farm Investigations Media Coverage Animal Outlook Farm Animal Welfare 05/2020 $44,200
Duke University — COVID-19 Antiviral Studies (Ria Goswami) Duke University Scientific Research 05/2020 $130,982
Good Judgment Inc. — COVID-19 Forecasting Good Judgment Inc. Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 05/2020 $28,000
Mijente — Criminal Justice Reform (2020) Mijente Criminal Justice Reform 05/2020 $100,000
Penn State University — Research on Emergency Food Resilience (2020) Penn State University Scientific Research 05/2020 $3,064,660
Soroka Medical Center — COVID-19 Interferon Lambda Trial Study (Ohad Etzion) Soroka Medical Center Scientific Research 05/2020 $55,000
Mass Liberation Arizona — General Support Mass Liberation Arizona Criminal Justice Reform 05/2020 $10,000
Humane Society International — African Swine Fever Training (2020) Humane Society International Farm Animal Welfare 05/2020 $60,000
Court Watch NOLA — General Support (2020) Court Watch NOLA Criminal Justice Reform 05/2020 $15,000
Stanford University — Preclinical Research on Hepatitis B (Jeffrey Glenn) Stanford University Scientific Research 05/2020 $915,000
Open Phil AI Fellowship — 2020 Class Open Phil AI Fellowship Potential Risks from Advanced AI 05/2020 $2,300,000
You Are Not Alone — Drug Possession Decriminalization You Are Not Alone Criminal Justice Reform 05/2020 $30,000
Movement Voter Project — Criminal Justice Reform (2020) Movement Voter Project Criminal Justice Reform 05/2020 $750,000
Sinergia Animal — Corporate Cage-Free Campaigns Sinergia Animal Farm Animal Welfare 05/2020 $800,000
Life Sciences Research Foundation — Young Investigators (2020) Life Sciences Research Foundation Scientific Research 05/2020 $585,000
1Day Sooner — General Support 1Day Sooner Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 05/2020 $500,000
Nuclear Threat Initiative — Biosecurity Program Support (May 2020) Nuclear Threat Initiative Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 05/2020 $500,000
World Economic Forum — Global AI Council Workshop World Economic Forum Potential Risks from Advanced AI 04/2020 $50,000
FFAR — Research on Drought-Tolerant Rice Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research Scientific Research 04/2020 $97,500
Global Priorities Institute — General Support (2020) Global Priorities Institute Effective Altruism 04/2020 $3,298,715