We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We've organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by Open Philanthropy also appear in its grants database here.

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Grant Organization Topic Date of Award Amount
The END Fund — General Support (December 2020) The End Fund Global Health & Development 12/2020 $500,000
University of Glasgow — Animal Welfare Research University of Glasgow Farm Animal Welfare 12/2020 $109,552
Against Malaria Foundation — General Support (2020) Against Malaria Foundation Global Health & Development 12/2020 $6,651,000
Evidence Action — Deworm the World Initiative Evidence Action Global Health & Development 12/2020 $4,103,000
The Humane League-UK — General Support The Humane League-UK Farm Animal Welfare 12/2020 $507,900
University of Pennsylvania — Research on Mammalian Reproduction (2020) University of Pennsylvania Scientific Research 12/2020 $1,000,000
GLOBALG.A.P. — Fish Welfare Standards GLOBALG.A.P. Farm Animal Welfare 11/2020 $90,554
Massachusetts Institute of Technology — AI Trends and Impacts Research Massachusetts Institute of Technology Forecasting 11/2020 $275,344
Impact Alliance — Cage-Free Program Impact Alliance Farm Animal Welfare 11/2020 $40,000
University of New South Wales — In Vitro Fertilization Research (Robert Gilchrist) University of New South Wales Scientific Research 11/2020 $2,500,000
Washington University in St. Louis — Research on Cryptosporidium Hominis Washington University in St. Louis Scientific Research 11/2020 $1,004,589
Power Coalition for Equity and Justice — Criminal Justice Reform (2020) Power Coalition for Equity and Justice Criminal Justice Reform 11/2020 $30,000
International Refugee Assistance Project — General Support (2020) International Refugee Assistance Project Immigration Policy 11/2020 $1,000,000
Urban Institute — Countercyclical State Funding Mechanisms Urban Institute Macroeconomic Policy 11/2020 $50,000
A New Way of Life — Civic Engagement Work A New Way of Life Criminal Justice Reform 11/2020 $200,000
Dezernat Zukunft — Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Europe (2020) Dezernat Zukunft Macroeconomic Policy 11/2020 $202,079
Telethon Kids Institute (University of Western Australia) — Strep A Vaccine Telethon Kids Institute Scientific Research 11/2020 $5,300,000
Future of Life Institute — General Support (2020) Future of Life Institute Global Catastrophic Risks 11/2020 $176,000
icipe — Malaria Prevention Research (Jeremy Herren) International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology Scientific Research 11/2020 $2,199,645
University of Bern — Layer Hen Breeding Research University of Bern Farm Animal Welfare 11/2020 $410,000