We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We’ve organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by Open Philanthropy also appear in its grants database here.

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Grant Organization All Topics Date of Award Amount
Rethink Priorities — Insect Welfare Field-Building Rethink Priorities Farm Animal Welfare 02/2023 $268,684
Global Priorities Institute — General Support (2023) Global Priorities Institute Global Catastrophic Risks 02/2023 $2,506,291
University of Tuebingen — Adversarial Robustness Research University of Tuebingen Potential Risks from Advanced AI 02/2023 $575,000
University of Pavia — Law, Ethics, and AI Course Development University of Pavia Effective Altruism 02/2023 $23,245
Terner Housing Innovation Labs — Housing Policy Dashboard Terner Housing Innovation Labs Land Use Reform 02/2023 $75,000
Innovations for Poverty Action — Ethiopian Office Innovations for Poverty Action Global Health & Development 02/2023 $2,800,000
Compromiso Verde — Cage-Free Campaigns in Peru Compromiso Verde Farm Animal Welfare 02/2023 $325,000
Animal Advocacy Careers — Career Coaching for Animal Advocates Animal Advocacy Careers Farm Animal Welfare 02/2023 $500,000
University of Washington — Tonsil Model for Tuberculosis Research University of Washington Scientific Research; Transformative Basic Science 02/2023 $1,500,000
Fund for the Global Fund — Scoping Work Fund for the Global Fund Global Aid Policy 02/2023 $264,000
Effective Ventures Foundation USA — General Support Effective Ventures Foundation USA Effective Altruism 02/2023 $2,750,000
Responsible AI Collaborative — AI Incident Database Responsible AI Collaborative Potential Risks from Advanced AI 02/2023 $100,000
Rethink Priorities — Moral Weight Book Rights Rethink Priorities Farm Animal Welfare 02/2023 $15,000
Center for AI Safety — Philosophy Fellowship and NeurIPS Prizes Center for AI Safety Potential Risks from Advanced AI 02/2023 $1,433,000
Ayuda Efectiva — General Support Ayuda Efectiva Effective Altruism 02/2023 $225,000
Effective Altruism Funds — Long-Term Future and Infrastructure Fund Regranting Effective Altruism Funds Effective Altruism 02/2023 $3,150,000
Epoch — AI Worldview Investigations Epoch Potential Risks from Advanced AI 02/2023 $188,558
University of Georgia — Malaria Research (2023) University of Georgia Scientific Research 01/2023 $192,925
Helen Keller International — Vitamin A Supplementation (January 2023) Helen Keller International Potential GiveWell Top Charities; Global Health & Development 01/2023 $67,452,836
Effective Ventures Foundation — Support for What We Owe The Future Effective Ventures Foundation Effective Altruism 01/2023 $37,128