Ayni Institute — Movement Ecology Training

Ayni Institute
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To support the Ayni Institute's work on movement ecology.

As part of our work in criminal justice reform, the Open Philanthropy Project made a $115,000 grant via Centro Presente to the Ayni Institute, a movement strategy research and training organization, to develop and run a training on the topic of ‘movement ecology.’

Chloe Cockburn, our Program Officer for Criminal Justice Reform, believes that the lack of shared language and coordination between groups seeking criminal justice reform will limit the reach and impact of reforms.

The Ayni Institute plans to build on previously-developed analysis by some of its leaders around what is required to create and sustain a healthy movement ecosystem, where groups are in good communication and able to successfully build momentum for significant social change. Ayni plans to formulate this analysis into a training, and to recruit as participants for this training leaders from the criminal justice field, two other major social reform fields, and others. The goal is for the criminal justice participants to come away with a shared language that enables them to deeply collaborate and build more advanced strategies together.

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