CDC Foundation — Malaria Control Research

CDC Foundation
Award Date:
To support cryopreservation and suppression of female development in mosquitoes to assist research for malaria.

The Open Philanthropy Project awarded $1,214,437 to the CDC Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to support research on malaria control. This grant falls within Open Philanthropy's work on scientific research.

Conceptually, Open Philanthropy considers this funding part of a larger grant it made to support Target Malaria. Open Philanthropy lays out the reasoning behind the grant in more detail on the linked page, along with more information about the proposed research. This funding for the CDC Foundation will be used to support work on the cryopreservation of mosquito larvae (which, if successful, would make it easier for researchers to maintain different strains of mosquitoes) and on RNA interference (which, if successful, would make it easier for researchers to avoid releasing female mosquitoes — which could potentially spread malaria — as part of field trials).

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