Center for Popular Democracy — Federal Reserve Campaign

Center for Popular Democracy
Award Date:
For support of a campaign to educate the public and policymakers about monetary policy issues.

The Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) is planning to launch a campaign to educate the public about monetary policy and encourage the Federal Reserve to focus more on achieving full employment relative to the goal of limiting inflation. We see monetary policy as an important area, and are not aware of any other groups like CPD advocating for more aggressive action by the Federal Reserve to combat unemployment. We do not have a strong sense of the likely impact of the campaign's advocacy. 

By providing a fairly small amount of early-stage funding, we hope to help the campaign get started more quickly than it otherwise would, and that we will be able to follow it as it progresses. We see this grant as an opportunity to test the hypothesis that there are strong funding opportunities in advocacy around macroeconomic policy that are currently underfunded.

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