Center on Budget and Policy Priorities — Full Employment Project

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Award Date:
To support CBPP's Full Employment Project.

Though formally unrestricted, this grant is intended to support the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities' (CBPP) Full Employment Project, which aims to reduce the adverse impacts of recessions and enhance job and wage growth by conducting research and advocating for better macroeconomic policy. The total project budget is $1,005,000 over 28 months, and CBPP is planning to approach two other funders for support.

We would guess that CBPP may be able to pursue the majority of the planned work in the absence of outside funding, so support for the project is likely to be at least somewhat fungible with CBPP general support. Although we have not investigated it exhaustively, we have a generally positive view of CBPP's track record, and we're interested in learning more about the organization's approach and historical impact. In addition, we see macroeconomic policy as an important and relatively neglected area, and we see this grant as a good opportunity to support additional attention to the area, though estimating the expected value of the specific proposed work is extremely difficult.

This grant is part of our exploration of research and advocacy around macroeconomic policy as a potential focus area for the Open Philanthropy Project.

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