Cochrane Collaboration — General Support

Cochrane Collaboration
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General support

Good Ventures awarded a grant of $300,000 over three years to The Cochrane Collaboration to promote evidence-informed healthcare by producing high-quality, relevant, accessible systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence.

We made this grant primarily for the purpose of “good citizenship” (more on this idea here), in recognition of the important role Cochrane reviews play in the research that GiveWell, working in partnership with Good Ventures, does on evidence-backed charities serving the global poor. We previously made a grant to the US Cochrane Center; but we also were interested in supporting the Collaboration as a whole. Since then, at our request, The Cochrane Collaboration’s Central Executive submitted a proposal for support of the organization’s work around the world. In the meantime, we suspended our investigation of meta-research as a possible focus area (see our updated agenda here), but we went ahead with a grant of general support to this organization on “good citizenship” grounds. The grant has a three-year term because we expect Cochrane’s work to continue to be important to us, and longer-term grants give organizations more visibility into future funding and improve their ability to plan.