Compassion in World Farming USA — General Support

Compassion in World Farming USA
Award Date:
For general support.

The Open Philanthropy Project awarded a grant of $550,000 over two years to Compassion in World Farming USA (CIWF USA) for general support.

CIWF USA is a farm animal welfare organization that shares the Open Philanthropy Project's belief that incremental reform through corporate campaigns is one of the most likely paths to reducing farm animal suffering in the U.S. CIWF USA’s work focuses on two issues that Open Philanthropy believes are likely to account for the majority of terrestrial farm animal suffering: the treatment of egg-laying hens and of broiler chickens raised for meat. CIWF USA’s Executive Director Leah Garces has built relationships with major food companies, and the Open Philanthropy Project thinks she has a compelling vision for advancing broiler welfare reforms.

CIWF USA is a small organization with an annual budget of roughly $450,000. This $550,000 grant over two years will allow it to hire two new corporate engagement staff, one operations staff member, and a public engagement manager. Open Philanthropy expects this expanded staff to enable CIWF USA to engage many more companies, while also allowing the executive director to increase the amount of time spent on her core task of securing corporate reforms.

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