Early-Career Funding for Improving the Long-Term Future — Scholarship Support (2021)

Early-career funding for individuals interested in improving the long-term future
Award Date:
To support work and study related to improving the long-term future.

Open Philanthropy recommended a total of approximately $1,643,373 over two years in flexible support to enable 27 early-career individuals to pursue work and study related to improving the long-term future. {footnote_1} Open Philanthropy sought applications for this funding here. Recipients include: {footnote_2}

  • Cecil Abungu, self-study and research at the Legal Priorities Project and the Cambridge Leverhulme Center
  • Andrei Alexandru, self-study related to machine learning and AI alignment research
  • Raymond Daniel Bressler, PhD in economics at Columbia University
  • Lucius Caviola, post-doc at Harvard University
  • Isabella Duan, masters degree in computational social science at the University of Chicago
  • Nicholas Emery, AI governance PhD program at the University of California, Los Angeles
  • Arsen Fazlovic, MPA degree at Harvard Kennedy School
  • Aleš Flidr, master’s degree in economics and social history at the University of Oxford
  • Anna Gajdová, completion of master’s thesis
  • Michael Groom, research on nuclear winter at the University of Sydney
  • Riley Harris, self-study and a research project under the supervision of economist John Quiggin
  • William John Henshall, MPP degree at the Harvard Kennedy School
  • Melissa Hopkins, internship and research project
  • Jessica Ji, master’s degree in security studies at Georgetown University
  • Sonia Joseph, self-study in math and physics
  • Michel Justen, senior thesis project
  • Evgenii Kortukov, master’s degree in machine learning at the University of Tübingen
  • Max Lagenkamp, master’s degree in computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Trevor Levin, study at Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School
  • Aigerim Massabayeva, MPP degree at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Brian Muhia, self-study related to AI and existential risk and related projects
  • Holly Muir, philosophy master’s program at the University of St. Andrews
  • Paul Reidy, computer science master’s program at Trinity College Dublin and cybersecurity certifications
  • Charlie Rogers-Smith, research at University of Oxford and self-study related to AI alignment
  • Indre Tuminauskaite, master’s degree in cybersecurity at University College London
  • Aimee Watts, Master of Science degree in Psychological Research at the University of Oxford
  • Philine Widmer, research and literature review on political risks related to advances in AI
  • Remco Zwetsloot, AI policy research at the Center for Strategic and International Studies

Open Philanthropy is still in the process of finalizing scholarship recipients, and we will update the list above as recipients are confirmed.

This falls under Open Philanthropy's work aimed at growing the community of people working to improve the long-run future.


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