Eurogroup for Animals — Broiler Chicken Welfare Campaign

Eurogroup for Animals
Award Date:
To support a meeting of European advocacy groups to discuss broiler chicken welfare campaigns.

The Open Philanthropy Project awarded a grant of €13,242 (approximately $14,961 at the time of conversion) to Eurogroup for Animals to support a two-day International Broiler Advocacy Meeting in Brussels in June 2017. This grant falls within Open Philanthropy's work on farm animal welfare.

Eurogroup for Animals is an organization that works to improve the treatment of animals within the European Union (EU). It does this in part by representing other animal welfare organizations in the EU, and by providing advice and expertise on animal welfare to various European institutions.

Participants of the International Broiler Advocacy Meeting, which included representatives from various European animal welfare advocacy groups, discussed issues and strategy related to broiler chicken welfare campaigns. The funds covered associated organizing costs, including travel expenses for representatives of smaller advocacy groups. In preparation for the meeting, Eurogroup for Animals conducted an inventory of broiler welfare campaigns and an initial analysis of the relevant economic, legislative, and policy climate in Europe. Recent cage-free campaigns have been successful in Europe, and Open Philanthropy hopes a convening of this kind will facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among various European groups as they consider launching new campaigns related to broiler chicken welfare.

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