fair-fish international — Fish Welfare Standards for Aquaculture

fair-fish international association
Award Date:
To assess the welfare of fish on Friend of the Sea farms, develop farm-specific recommendations, develop animal welfare standards, and present on those standards.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of €375,000 ($453,841 at the time of conversion) over two years to the fair-fish international association (FFI) for a farmed fish welfare assessment and standards project. FFI’s research team, FishEthoBase, will work jointly with fish welfare certifier Friend of the Sea (FOS) to assess fish welfare at approximately 50% of all FOS-certified farms. Findings from these assessments will then be used to create farm-specific improvement recommendations and to develop animal welfare criteria for possible inclusion in FOS standards. Additionally, FFI plans to share its findings through formal presentations at academic and industry conferences.

FFI intends to use these funds for expenses related to onsite consulting, development of standards, project management, travel, conference participation and presentations, and media and public relations.

This grant falls within Open Philanthropy's work on farm animal welfare.

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