Global Catastrophic Risks Scholarships — Scholarship Support (2019)

Global Catastrophic Risks Scholarships
Award Date:
To provide support for living expenses, tuition, healthcare, and travel.

During 2019, the Open Philanthropy Project recommended a total of approximately $547,800 over four years in scholarship funds support to Ethan Alley to pursue a PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[1] The funding is intended to be used for his tuition, fees, healthcare, and a living stipend during his degree program, and is part of an effort to support value-aligned and qualified early-career researchers interested in global catastrophic risks.

The grant amount was updated in January 2022 to reflect additional funding that Ethan received for self-study and pandemic preparedness projects.

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  1. [1]

    This is an estimate because of uncertainty around future year tuition costs, and there’s uncertainty about the number of years needed to complete the degree.