IDinsight—Embedded GiveWell Team

Award Date:
To establish an IDinsight team embedded to support GiveWell.

Good Ventures, with input from GiveWell, granted $314,752 to IDinsight as one of GiveWell's Incubation Grants to support the development of potential future top charities. This grant is in addition to Good Ventures' June 2016 grant of $1,985,000 to IDinsight for general operating support.

IDinsight supports and conducts rigorous evaluations of development interventions, often involving randomized controlled trials, with an explicit focus on providing useful data to inform funders and policy makers. This new funding is intended to support preliminary work by IDinsight to improve the monitoring of GiveWell top charities or to support the development of future top charities, and fund two full-time staff and part of the salaries of several other staff for one year.

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