LatinoJustice — Media Fellowship

Award Date:
To support LatinoJustice's media fellowship.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended a grant of $50,000 to LatinoJustice to support its new media fellowship program. The fellowship program is intended to allow a member of the Latinx community to document and eventually publish an account of his or her direct involvement with the criminal justice and correction system.

For its inaugural fellow, LatinoJustice selected Jason Hernandez, one of the first individuals to receive clemency under President Barack Obama’s clemency program.{footnote_1} According to LatinoJustice, Jason has been instrumental in raising the profile of Latinx prisoners and assisting their families in the clemency process. During his fellowship, Jason intends to co-author a book focusing on his personal story as well as criminal justice issues. The book will primarily be directed at a Latinx audience, and is intended to engage more Latinx leaders and communities on issues related to criminal justice reform.

This grant falls within Open Philanthropy's work on criminal justice reform.

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