Mercy For Animals — India Animal Welfare Reform

Mercy For Animals
Award Date:
To support new farm animal work in India.

The Open Philanthropy Project awarded a grant of $500,000 to Mercy For Animals to support new farm animal welfare work in India. This grant falls within Open Philanthropy’s work on farm animal welfare.

Mercy For Animals is an international animal advocacy organization focused on preventing cruelty to farmed animals. The grant will help support undercover investigations, corporate campaigns, research, and policy-related campaign activities over the next two years. Open Philanthropy is excited about the grant primarily because of Mercy For Animals’ track record of successful undercover investigations in the U.S.; the confidence Lewis Bollard (Open Philanthropy’s Program Officer for Farm Animal Welfare) has in Mercy For Animals’ relevant leadership staff; and the potential opportunity Open Philanthropy sees in India—one of the world’s largest producers of eggs, fish, and chicken—to encourage farm animal welfare reforms and advocacy. This grant was one of five recent grants made to various organizations supporting farm animal welfare activities in India.

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