Mijente — Anti-Criminalization Work (2017)

Award Date:
To support Mijente's anti-criminalization work.

The Open Philanthropy Project recommended two grants totaling $255,000 to Mijente to support criminal justice reform and anti-criminalization work. Mijente is a national hub for Latinx- and Chincanx-focused organizing and direct action, and this grant is intended to help Mijente mobilize Latinxs, particularly young activists and organizers, on issues related to criminal justice reform.

This funding is a renewal of Open Philanthropy's previous support for Mijente. Open Philanthropy's Program Officer for Criminal Justice Reform, Chloe Cockburn, is particularly interested in building more criminal justice reform leadership capacity within the Latinx community, since there are comparatively few Latinx-led organizations engaged in anti-criminalization and decarceration work.

These grants falls within Open Philanthropy's work on criminal justice reform.

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