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Niskanen Center
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To support the Niskanen Center's work on immigration policy.

The Open Philanthropy Project granted $360,000 over two years to support the Niskanen Center's work on immigration policy.

The Niskanen Center is a new libertarian think tank that has made reducing barriers to immigration one of its focus areas. In our exploration of immigration policy (which we have identified as a priority cause), we found very few organizations dedicated to making the case for more people, including lower-skill workers, to be able to move to high-income countries. We see this as an opportunity to fund an advocacy organization with an unusual level of alignment with us on this issue.

The Niskanen Center intends to promote policy change by developing and disseminating information, arguments, and new policy ideas, including to key players in Washington, D.C. We do not have a strong sense of whether this approach is likely to be successful, but it strikes us as potentially promising, and we are generally excited about growing the number of organizations that share our goals in this area.

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