Purdue University — Imatinib Trial for Drug-Resistant Malaria

Purdue University
Award Date:
To support a phase III trial of imatinib
Jun Yang, from left, a former doctoral student and researcher in the Low research group, and Philip Low are shown in the group’s lab. (Purdue News Service photo/David Umberger)

Open Philanthropy recommended a grant of $600,000 over three years to Purdue University to support a phase III trial of imatinib, a drug previously approved to treat leukemia, to test its efficacy against drug-resistant strains of malaria in Vietnam. This research will be coordinated by Professor Philip Low, who previously organized a successful phase II trial of imatinib.

This falls within Open Philanthropy’s focus area of scientific research, specifically within their interest in advancing human health and wellbeing.

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