Roosevelt Institute — Macroeconomic Policy Research

Roosevelt Institute
Award Date:
To support macroeconomic policy research.

The Open Philanthropy Project awarded a grant of $200,000 to the Roosevelt Institute to support work on macroeconomic policy. 

The Roosevelt Institute is a nonprofit think tank that works on reshaping economic policy and legislation. This funding will allow existing Roosevelt staff to focus on issues Open Philanthropy sees as important, as well as support the hiring of an additional staff economist and part-time research assistant. These researchers plan to undertake two projects: one to build out the monetary policy toolkit available to the Fed (“Monetary Policy Toolkit”), and one to investigate the potential for continued recovery from the Great Recession (“Anti-Hysteresis”).

Macroeconomic stabilization policy is one of Open Philanthropy's focus areas. This is one in a series of grants attempting to build up the capacity of progressive think tanks on macroeconomic policy issues it sees as important.

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