University of Chicago — Microbiome and Alzheimer’s (Sangram Sisodia)

University of Chicago
Award Date:
To support research on the effect of the microbiome on Alzheimer's disease, led by Dr. David Holtzman.

Good Ventures awarded a grant of $2,322,876 over three years to the University of Chicago to support research on Alzheimer's disease conducted by Professor Sangram Sisodia and colleagues. Good Ventures, with support from the Open Philanthropy Project, has been investigating how best to fund scientific research that might help reduce the future burden of Alzheimer's disease.

This grant, along with grants to Massachusetts General Hospital, the University of Southern California, Northwestern University, and Washington University, is designed to support a collaborative group of researchers that will share knowledge, reagents, and tools. This collaborative group will investigate the roles of the gut and brain microbiota on Alzheimer's-relevant pathologies in humans and mice, particularly their interactions with innate immunity cells and genes, and influence of the blood-brain barrier on these processes. Good Ventures' total support for the collaborative is $10,468,059 over three years.

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