University of Victoria — Syphilis Diagnostic (Caroline Cameron)

University of Victoria
Award Date:
To develop an improved diagnostic for syphilis.

Open Philanthropy recommended a grant of $2,000,000 over three years to the University of Victoria to support work led by Caroline Cameron to develop an improved diagnostic for syphilis. Dr. Cameron intends to use this funding to develop several monoclonal antibodies for use against proteins associated with the disease.

A leading cause of stillbirth, syphilis is carried by an estimated 36 million people worldwide and infects approximately 11 million people annually. {footnote_1} Open Philanthropy's scientific research team believes that a more effective syphilis diagnostic could improve disease mitigation measures and support the development of an effective syphilis vaccine.

This falls within Open Philanthropy's work on scientific research, and specifically its interest in advancing human health and wellbeing.


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