WaitList Zero — General Support

WaitList Zero
Award Date:
For general support.

The Open Philanthropy Project awarded a grant of $200,000 to WaitList Zero for general support. WaitList Zero advocates for policies that promote living kidney donation. We see living kidney donation as a neglected field relative to its importance, and recommended an earlier planning grant to WaitList Zero. They have since completed the planning process and launched their planned programs, with some success.

WaitList Zero's programs are focused on promoting evidence-backed best practices around patient and potential donor education to raise kidney donation rates, and advocating for donor support policies such as compensation for lost wages.

We believe that the planning period went well, and that WaitList Zero's planned campaigns seem promising. Political change is difficult to predict, which contributes substantial uncertainty to our expectations, but WaitList Zero has made a persuasive case to us that their core programs are plausibly tractable and cost-effective ways to substantially increase the level of living kidney donation.

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