Welfare Footprint Project — Research on Animal Welfare Reforms (2023)

Welfare Footprint Project
Award Date:
To support work to model the welfare impact of farm animal welfare reforms.

Open Philanthropy recommended a contract of $1,250,000 over three years with the Welfare Footprint Project (formerly known as Center for Welfare Metrics) to support its work to model the welfare impacts of farm animal welfare reforms. Welfare Footprint Project will extend its work to several new species — likely aquatic animals and pigs.

This follows Open Philanthropy’s January 2020 contract, which led to research on the welfare impact of cage-free reforms that has helped to inform both Open Philanthropy’s grantmaking and the work of several farm animal welfare organizations. This falls within Open Philanthropy’s focus area of farm animal welfare.

This project was supported through a contractor agreement. While we typically do not publish pages for contractor agreements, we occasionally opt to do so.

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