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We are no longer updating this page. The Open Philanthropy Project and GiveWell continue to publish conversation notes here and here, respectively.

  1. 09/17/2013 Conversations

    Audrey Singer — June 25, 2013

    Good Ventures spoke with Audrey Singer of the Brookings Institution about immigration reform and immigration advocacy.

    Topics: Policy
  2. 08/12/2013 Conversations

    Google Giving — June 10, 2013

    Good Ventures spoke with Jacquelline Fuller to learn about Google Giving, including how it chooses causes and sources giving opportunities.

  3. 08/12/2013 Conversations

    Tom Tierney — June 17, 2013

    Good Ventures spoke with Tom Tierney about the qualities of effective philanthropists and how to choose and evaluate charitable issue areas.