A conversation with Department for International Development on July 9, 2012


GiveWell and Good Ventures were particularly interested in Department for International Development (DFID) because there is overlap between some programs that DFID funds and areas that GiveWell and Good Ventures find promising (e.g. SCI, Gates Foundation/DFID malaria resistance project in Myanmar).

The UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) leads the UK’s fight against global poverty.  In 2010/11, the DFID aid programme was £7.7 billion.  DFID’s main offices are in London and East Kilbride (Scotland), and it has country offices in Africa and Asia that have professional staff on the ground. Funding decisions take into account both geographical and policy priorities.

Discussion of DFID's areas of interest

DFID directs its support to 28 focus countries.  It has a focus on generating results and getting value for money for all development programs.  DFID supports a wide range of health programmes (see www.dfid.gov.uk).

DFID mentioned the following areas for greater potential future investment: