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  1. 06/09/2014 Conversations

    Michael O’Hare — January 10, 2014

    Good Ventures spoke with Michael O'Hare of the University of California, Berkeley about opportunities for philanthropy in U.S. public policy.

    Topics: Policy
  2. 06/06/2014 Blog: Give & Learn

    Potential U.S. Policy Focus Areas

    A blog post by Holden Karnofsky about the specific causes we're considering as possible focus areas in U.S. policy advocacy.

    Topics: Policy
  3. 09/17/2013 Conversations

    Audrey Singer — June 25, 2013

    Good Ventures spoke with Audrey Singer of the Brookings Institution about immigration reform and immigration advocacy.

    Topics: Policy
  4. 07/10/2013 Conversations

    Ryan Grim — October 12, 2012

    On behalf of Good Ventures, Matt Stoller and Aaron Swartz spoke with Ryan Grim about drug policy reform in the U.S.

    Topics: Policy
  5. 07/03/2013 Conversations

    Brookings — May 21, 2013

    Good Ventures spoke with Brookings President Strobe Talbott about opportunities for impact through political advocacy.

    Topics: Policy
  6. 07/02/2013 Conversations

    Gara LaMarche — May - June 2013

    Good Ventures spoke with former Atlantic Philanthropies CEO Gara LaMarche about opportunities for impact through policy advocacy.

    Topics: Policy
  7. 02/01/2013 Blog: Give & Learn

    Learning Grants in Policy Advocacy

    A blog post by Cari Tuna about Good Ventures' learning grants in policy advocacy in support of drug policy reform and marriage equality.

    Topics: Policy