Cause Exploration Prizes: Announcing our prizes

We were gratified to receive over 150 good-faith submissions to Open Philanthropy’s Cause Exploration Prizes, where we invited people to suggest a new area for us to support or respond to our suggested questions. We hoped that these submissions would help us find new ways to carry out our mission — helping others as much as possible with the resources available to us.

You can read them on the EA Forum. Below, we highlight the submissions to which we are awarding major prizes and honorable mentions.

We’re awarding these prizes to entries that we thought engaged well with our prompts and helped us to better understand the questions and issues they addressed. We have not investigated each and every claim made in these entries, and the awarding of a prize does not imply that we necessarily endorse their claims or arguments as correct.

Our top prize

We are awarding our top prize ($25,000) to: Organophosphate pesticides and other neurotoxicants by Ben Stewart.

Second prizes

We are awarding three second-place prizes ($15,000) for the following submissions. These are listed in no particular order.

Honorable mentions

We are awarding $500 to the authors of the following entries. These are listed in no particular order.

We are contacting all prize recipients by email.

Good-faith submissions

Next week, we will begin the process of emailing everyone who submitted a good-faith submission in order to offer them participation awards of $200.

Future plans

As we stated in our announcement, this was a trial process for us. We’re grateful to those who sent us feedback and suggestions for how to improve. At this stage, we don’t know if or when we will repeat a process like this. We might write a public update later this year on what we have learned from this exercise and any plans to repeat this or a similar exercise again.

Thank you

We are grateful to Lizka Vaintrob and the other operators of the EA Forum, and to everyone who engaged with or submitted an entry to the Cause Exploration Prizes for making this possible.