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  1. 12/01/2023 Blog: Give & Learn

    A Case Study on Insecticide-Treated Bednets

    Both GiveWell and Open Philanthropy (OP) have been longtime supporters of charities that distribute long-lasting insecticide-treated bednets (LLINs), such as the Against Malaria Foundation. Open Philanthropy continues to believe that these are some of the best charitable giving opportunities in the world — on the order of … Read More

    Topics: Global Health & Development
  2. 10/05/2023 Blog: Give & Learn

    Our Planned Allocation to GiveWell’s Recommendations for the Next Few Years

    Last year, we committed $350 million to GiveWell’s evidence-backed, cost-effective recommendations in global health and development. This year, we’re committing $300M to support GiveWell’s recommendations over the next three years. This returns our annual support to its 2020 level ($100M/year). And it brings us to more than $1 billion in… Read More

    Topics: Potential GiveWell Top Charities, Global Health & Development
  3. 11/23/2022 Blog: Give & Learn

    Does putting kids in school now put money in their pockets later? Revisiting a natural experiment in Indonesia

    Open Philanthropy’s Global Health and Wellbeing team continues to investigate potential areas for grantmaking. One of those is education in poorer countries. These countries have massively expanded schooling in the last half century. but many of their students lack minimal numeracy and literacy. To support the team’s assessment of the… Read More

    Topics: Education, Global Health & Development
  4. 09/09/2022 Blog: Give & Learn

    Cause Exploration Prizes: Announcing our prizes

    We were gratified to receive over 150 good-faith submissions to Open Philanthropy’s Cause Exploration Prizes, where we invited people to suggest a new area for us to support or respond to our suggested questions. We hoped that these submissions would help us find new ways to carry out our mission —… Read More

    Topics: Global Health & Development
  5. 02/22/2022 Blog: Give & Learn

    New grantmaking program: supporting the effective altruism community around Global Health and Wellbeing

    We are searching for a program officer to help us launch a new grantmaking program. The program would support projects and organizations in the effective altruism community (EA) with a focus on improving global health and wellbeing (GHW). Background We have an existing program in effective altruism community growth. Like our new… Read More

    Topics: Effective Altruism, Global Health & Development
  6. 02/11/2022 Blog: Give & Learn

    Open Philanthropy’s Regranting Challenge

    In this post, “we” refers to Good Ventures and Open Philanthropy, who work as partners. Open Philanthropy is running a $150 million Regranting Challenge, aiming to add funding to the grantmaking budgets of one to five outstanding programs at other foundations. We believe there are some excellent individual programs and whole foundations out… Read More

    Topics: Economic Empowerment, Global Health & Development