Open Philanthropy’s Regranting Challenge

In this post, “we” refers to Good Ventures and Open Philanthropy, who work as partners.

Open Philanthropy is running a $150 million Regranting Challenge, aiming to add funding to the grantmaking budgets of one to five outstanding programs at other foundations. We believe there are some excellent individual programs and whole foundations out there and we want to experiment with giving them more money to allocate rather than trying to copy their approaches.

We are looking to support high-impact programs that improve human health, facilitate economic development, and/or address climate change. By default, we will roughly aim to double a selected program’s annual grantmaking budget for three years, subject to the overall size of the Regranting Challenge and allocating funding as effectively as we can across one to five total recipients.

To learn more about the Regranting Challenge, or to apply for funding, go here.

Why we’re running the Regranting Challenge

Since our founding, we have been interested in learning as much as we can from other philanthropists and in picking causes to maximize our impact. This Regranting Challenge is an opportunity for us to continue that endeavor by:

  • Gathering insights from a wide range of grantmakers, with different approaches, focused on different problems. By creating an open call, we hope to identify highly effective foundations and program areas to support that we would not have known about otherwise.
  • Adding funding to high-impact work that is already underway, rather than reinventing the wheel ourselves. We are confident there are some highly effective grantmakers out there doing better work than we could in their respective spaces. Our goal is to help others as much as we can, so we want to try allocating funding to the best funders we can find rather than just trying to copy their approaches.
  • Piloting a mechanism that enables the most impactful programs to grow. We see the lack of feedback mechanisms that ensure effective grantmakers get more money to allocate as a major shortcoming in the existing philanthropic ecosystem. We’re excited about the Regranting Challenge as a chance to experiment with changing that.

Further details

Visit this page for more information on the Regranting Challenge, including the kinds of work we’re looking to support and the requirements for participation.