1. In the Media

    80,000 Hours: Holden Karnofsky on Building Aptitudes and Kicking Ass

    “Holden Karnofsky helped create two of the most influential organisations in the effective philanthropy world. So when he outlines a different perspective on career advice than the one we present at 80,000 Hours — we take it seriously…Holden prefers to focus on ‘aptitudes’ that you can build in all sorts of different roles and cause areas, which can later be applied more directly.”

  2. In the Media

    80,000 Hours: Holden Karnofsky on the Most Important Century

    “Holden Karnofsky — founder of charity evaluator GiveWell and foundation Open Philanthropy — hopes to lay out part of the worldview that’s driving the strategy and grantmaking of Open Philanthropy’s longtermist team, and encourage more people to join his efforts to positively shape humanity’s future.”

  3. In the Media

    80,000 Hours: Alexander Berger on Improving Global Health and Wellbeing in Clear and Direct Ways

    “Today’s guest, Alexander Berger, leads Open Philanthropy’s ‘Global Health and Wellbeing’ programme, where he oversees around $175 million in grants each year, and ultimately aspires to disburse billions in the most impactful ways he and his team can identify. This programme is the flagship effort representing one major effective altruist approach: try to improve the health and wellbeing of humans and animals that are alive today, in clearly identifiable ways, applying an especially analytical and empirical mindset.”