Centre for Effective Altruism — General Support and Community-Building Grants (2020)

Centre for Effective Altruism
Award Date:
For general support and community-building grants.

Open Philanthropy recommended two grants totaling $3,470,121 to the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA) for general support and community-building grants. CEA is a central organization within the effective altruism (EA) community that engages in a variety of activities aimed at helping the EA community.

This grant follows Open Philanthropy’s September 2019 support and falls under its work aimed at growing and empowering the EA community. While Open Philanthropy sees the basic pros and cons of this support similarly to what they’ve presented in past writeups on the matter, its ultimate grant figure was set by the aggregated judgments of the committee for effective altruism support, described in more detail here.

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