GiveWell — Research-Related Expenses

Award Date:
For research-related expenses.

Good Ventures made a grant of $675,000 to GiveWell in November 2013 for research-related expenses. GiveWell intends to use these funds to hire research consultants to investigate areas such as the history of philanthropy, geoengineering research, criminal justice reform, malaria, family planning and other causes in global health. In the event that GiveWell does not incur research-related expenses up to the amount of the grant, it may earmark any remaining funds for regranting. (The timing and nature of the grants would be at GiveWell's discretion, but the grants cannot be made to GiveWell or an affiliated organization.) This research is part of our partnership with GiveWell to investigate potential focus areas, also known as GiveWell Labs. Follow the progress of GiveWell Labs, including GiveWell's research into the history of philanthropy and other causes.

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