We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We’ve organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by Open Philanthropy also appear in its grants database here.

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Grant Organization All Topics Date of Award Amount
L214 — Broiler Welfare Campaigns in France (2017) Association L214 Farm Animal Welfare 11/2017 $1,347,742
fair-fish international — Fish Welfare Standards for Aquaculture fair-fish international association Farm Animal Welfare 11/2017 $453,841
New Incentives — General Support (November 2017) New Incentives Potential GiveWell Top Charities; Global Health & Development 11/2017 $5,944,203
Youth First Initiative — General Support (2017) Youth First Initiative Criminal Justice Reform 11/2017 $250,000
InterAcademy Partnership — BWC Meeting of State Parties Side Event InterAcademy Partnership Global Catastrophic Risks; Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 11/2017 $14,605
theguardian.org — Journalism on Factory Farming and Farm Animal Cruelty theguardian.org Farm Animal Welfare 11/2017 $886,600
Aquaculture Stewardship Council — Fish Welfare Standard Development Aquaculture Stewardship Council Farm Animal Welfare 11/2017 $533,036
Animal Equality — EU Farm Animal Welfare Animal Equality Farm Animal Welfare 11/2017 $2,110,460
Otwarte Klatki — Chicken Welfare Campaigns and Merger Support Otwarte Klatki Farm Animal Welfare 11/2017 $472,864
Nuclear Threat Initiative — Biosecurity Program Support Nuclear Threat Initiative Global Catastrophic Risks; Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 10/2017 $6,000,000
Sightline Institute — Housing and Urban Development Sightline Institute Land Use Reform 10/2017 $350,000
Court Watch NOLA — General Support Court Watch NOLA Criminal Justice Reform 10/2017 $100,000
Anima — Chicken Welfare Campaigns and Merger Support Anima Farm Animal Welfare 10/2017 $683,000
Initiate Justice — Prisoner Education on Proposition 57 Initiate Justice Criminal Justice Reform 10/2017 $5,000
Harvard University — Animal Law and Policy Program Harvard University Farm Animal Welfare 10/2017 $21,200
Compassion in World Farming — End the Cage Age Campaign Compassion in World Farming Farm Animal Welfare 10/2017 $900,000
Essie Justice Group — General Support Essie Justice Group Criminal Justice Reform 10/2017 $300,000
World Animal Net — Co-Organizing Workshops with the World Bank World Animal Net Farm Animal Welfare 10/2017 $50,000
RSPCA — Chicken Welfare Campaign in the UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Farm Animal Welfare 10/2017 $374,631
Dignity and Power Now — JusticeLA Campaign Dignity and Power Now Criminal Justice Reform 10/2017 $500,000