We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We’ve organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by Open Philanthropy also appear in its grants database here.

Download database as .CSV
Grant Organization All Topics Date of Award Amount
Stanford University — NIPS Workshop on Machine Learning Security Stanford University Global Catastrophic Risks; Potential Risks from Advanced AI 04/2018 $2,539
Compassion in World Farming USA — General Support (2018) Compassion in World Farming USA Farm Animal Welfare 03/2018 $1,500,000
Media Mobilizing Project — Criminal Justice Coalition Media Mobilizing Project Criminal Justice Reform 03/2018 $140,000
The Justice Collaborative — General Support (2018) The Justice Collaborative Criminal Justice Reform 03/2018 $1,800,000
Founders Pledge — General Support (2018) Founders Pledge Effective Altruism 03/2018 $5,222,653
Evidence Action Beta — Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation Evidence Action Potential GiveWell Top Charities; Global Health & Development 03/2018 $320,000
Justice Strategies — General Support (2018) Justice Strategies Criminal Justice Reform 03/2018 $100,000
Harborlight Community Partners — YIMBYtown 2018 Conference Harborlight Community Partners Land Use Reform 03/2018 $40,000
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative — General Support (2018) Schistosomiasis Control Initiative Global Health & Development 03/2018 $2,500,000
National Council — General Support (March 2018) National Council for Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls Criminal Justice Reform 03/2018 $500,000
Centre for Effective Altruism — New Discretionary Fund Centre for Effective Altruism Effective Altruism 03/2018 $5,000,000
Aquaculture Stewardship Council — Organizational Development Aquaculture Stewardship Council Farm Animal Welfare 03/2018 $13,813
Center for Popular Democracy — Fed Up Campaign 2018 Center for Popular Democracy Macroeconomic Policy 02/2018 $1,200,000
Global Priorities Institute — General Support Global Priorities Institute Effective Altruism 02/2018 $3,112,969
Center for Global Development — Pandemic Policy Project Center for Global Development Global Catastrophic Risks; Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 02/2018 $49,942
MIT Synthetic Neurobiology Group — Brain Mapping Research (Ed Boyden) MIT Synthetic Neurobiology Group Scientific Research 02/2018 $3,000,000
Southerners On New Ground — Anti-Criminalization Work Southerners On New Ground Criminal Justice Reform 02/2018 $400,000
Farm Forward — Leadership Circle (2018) Farm Forward Farm Animal Welfare 02/2018 $165,691
Columbia University — Beyond the Bars Conference 2018 Columbia University Criminal Justice Reform 02/2018 $50,000
AI Scholarships — Scholarship Support (2018) AI Scholarships Global Catastrophic Risks; Potential Risks from Advanced AI 02/2018 $159,000