We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We’ve organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by Open Philanthropy also appear in its grants database here.

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Grant Organization All Topics Date of Award Amount
People for Animals — International Cage-Free Advocacy People for Animals Farm Animal Welfare 08/2016 $89,392
Research Institute of Industrial Economics — Genomic Research Methods Research Institute of Industrial Economics Scientific Research 08/2016 $500,000
Machine Intelligence Research Institute — General Support Machine Intelligence Research Institute Global Catastrophic Risks; Potential Risks from Advanced AI 08/2016 $500,000
Florida Rights Restoration Coalition — General Support Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Criminal Justice Reform 08/2016 $48,000
UC Berkeley — Center for Human-Compatible AI (2016) University of California, Berkeley Global Catastrophic Risks; Potential Risks from Advanced AI 08/2016 $5,555,550
Mercy For Animals — International Cage-Free Advocacy Mercy For Animals Farm Animal Welfare 08/2016 $1,000,000
Voice of the Experienced — General Support Voice of the Experienced Criminal Justice Reform 08/2016 $325,500
Humane Society International — International Cage-Free Outreach Humane Society International Farm Animal Welfare 08/2016 $1,000,000
PICO National Network — Live Free Campaign PICO National Network Criminal Justice Reform 08/2016 $1,394,250
Drug Policy Alliance — General Support Drug Policy Alliance Drug Policy Reform 08/2016 $150,000
Animal Equality — International Cage-Free Advocacy Animal Equality Farm Animal Welfare 08/2016 $500,000
Mijente — Criminal Justice Reform Mijente Criminal Justice Reform 08/2016 $255,000
Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense — General Support Blue Ribbon Study Panel on Biodefense Global Catastrophic Risks; Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 08/2016 $1,300,000
ReFrame Mentorship — General Support ReFrame Mentorship Criminal Justice Reform 07/2016 $37,000
SPUR — General Support SPUR Land Use Reform 07/2016 $300,000
The Humane League — International Cage-Free Advocacy The Humane League Farm Animal Welfare 07/2016 $1,000,000
Vera Institute of Justice — New Orleans User-Funded Justice System Vera Institute of Justice Criminal Justice Reform 07/2016 $100,000
Center for Applied Rationality — General Support Center for Applied Rationality Effective Altruism 07/2016 $1,035,000
FNIH — Working Group on Malaria Gene Drive Testing Path Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Scientific Research 07/2016 $1,228,845
Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation — General Support Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation Land Use Reform 07/2016 $300,000