Drug Policy Alliance — General Support

Drug Policy Alliance
Award Date:
For general support of DPA's efforts to promote alternatives to current drug policies to reduce the harms of drug prohibition and drug use.

Good Ventures made a grant of $150,000 to the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) for general operating support in September 2013, renewing a grant we made to the DPA in June 2012. The grant is intended to help us learn about drug policy reform, one of several areas we've prioritized for deeper investigation through learning grants, as part of our research into potential focus areas. It is also meant to take advantage of what we see as a timely opportunity to build on the current momentum for drug policy reform.We selected the DPA based on our impression that it is the leading nonprofit working on this issue. We have hired two research consultants to help us learn more about the DPA and plan to post the results of that work on our blog. Learn more about our rationale for awarding the initial grant to DPA and why we believe drug policy reform is a promising philanthropic cause.