We fund organizations and projects that show great promise for saving and improving lives and for helping us learn.

We've organized the grants in Our Portfolio in a database that you can browse and download. Grants recommended by the Open Philanthropy Project also appear in its grants database here.

Download database as .CSV
Grant Organization Topic Date of Award Amount
WildAid — Reducing Meat Consumption in China WildAid Farm Animal Welfare 03/2018 $500,000
Center for Popular Democracy — Fed Up Campaign Center for Popular Democracy Macroeconomic Stabilization Policy 02/2018 $1,200,000
Center for Global Development — Pandemic Policy Project Center for Global Development Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 02/2018 $49,942
Massachusetts Institute of Technology — Synthetic Neurobiology Group MIT Synthetic Neurobiology Group Scientific Research 02/2018 $3,000,000
Southerners On New Ground — Anti-Criminalization Work Southerners On New Ground Criminal Justice Reform 02/2018 $400,000
Texas Inmate Families Association — General Support Texas Inmate Families Association Criminal Justice Reform 02/2018 $200,000
Detroit Justice Center — General Support Detroit Justice Center Criminal Justice Reform 01/2018 $50,000
LatinoJustice — Media Fellowship LatinoJustice Criminal Justice Reform 01/2018 $50,000
Center for Applied Rationality — SPARC Center for Applied Rationality Effective Altruism 01/2018 $560,000
Niskanen Center — Research on Immigration Policy Niskanen Center Immigration Policy 01/2018 $400,000
Aubin Pictures — Criminal Justice Media Archive Scoping Aubin Pictures Criminal Justice Reform 12/2017 $25,000
One Voice — General Support One Voice Criminal Justice Reform 12/2017 $20,000
Deworm the World Initiative — General Support Evidence Action Global Health & Development 12/2017 $15,200,000
Blackbird — Ending Mass Incarceration Blackbird Criminal Justice Reform 12/2017 $425,000
Against Malaria Foundation — General Support Against Malaria Foundation Global Health & Development 12/2017 $2,500,000
The Center for Election Science — General Support The Center for Election Science Open Philanthropy Project 12/2017 $598,600
The END Fund — Deworming Programs The END Fund Global Health & Development 12/2017 $2,500,000
protocols.io — Platform Improvements protocols.io Scientific Research 12/2017 $200,000
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace — Chinese and Indian Perspectives on Biosecurity Risks Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Biosecurity and Pandemic Preparedness 12/2017 $613,380
Arizona State University — Multivalent Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trial Arizona State University Scientific Research 11/2017 $6,421,402